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Welcome to your wholeness & worthiness oasis 


A place where we see your worth and encourage you to do the same.


Hi, I am Jess. Founder and Lead Facilitator at Seaworth Wholeness Sanctuary. My hope is you discover tools to use throughout your worthiness and wholeness journey. At Seaworth, we use movement, expression and connection to share the medicine of wholeness. We launched Jess Move, LLC in 2016 and evolved over the years. Our online content featuring blog posts, online courses, Guided Movement Meditation downloads, podcast and more are on our Patreon. All in person offerings, event bookings, retreats communication and more need to communicate with us through email. 

Thanks for being here. I look forward to connecting with you.

As always, journey on...

Jessica Zacharias


Guided Movement Meditation 101

  • Regular meditation not working for you?

  • Are you finding yourself wandering off to space?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel defeated or lost?

  • Are you looking to go deeper?

  • Do you feel misunderstood?

Benefits of

Guided Movement Meditation

  • Overall sense of peace
  • Increase of self awareness
  • Builds a healthy relationship with physical body
  • Weaving together your mind, body, heart and spirit
  • Lowers anxiety, stress and depression
  • Provides time to deeper your connection with your spirit team
  • Available to you at any time


Guided Movement Meditation

  • Available to and for everyone
  • Hardest part is showing up 
  • Wear comfortable clothing you can move and breathe in
  • It is not yoga
  • Facilitator channels the divine in service of bringing the highest good to participants
  • Gentle movement that feels comfortable and does not ignite pain

Creating Common Ground Podcast

Season Two on Patreon & Spotify! 


A podcast focused on wholeness, worthiness and medicine.


Join Jessica Zacharias & guests as they dive into the realms of wholeness, worthiness & medicine.

Special guests vary from ancient & holistic medicine to modern day medicine. 

Exclusive content and all episodes available on our Patreon. 

Check it out here
Season Two Trailer
Creating Common Ground

Not sure where to start?

Three paths to explore online:

Voyage: 7 Week Deep Dive


Guided Movement Meditation Downloads


1:1 Private sessions with Jess 


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Jess, a modern day medicine woman and creator of the practiced called, Guided Movement Meditations. The medicine shared, creates space for you to come back home to yourself. I do using movement, expression and connection. 



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