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5 Tips when working with healers

advice on your spiritual path be your own healer consent integrity medicine woman new with healers Sep 25, 2023

As I navigate social media for Seaworth, I am stunned at the popular notion of pyramid schemes for healing. Not only does this make my skin crawl but it ignites a match within on how the healing community causes deep harm, if not careful. 

This is the complete opposite on why Seaworth exists and partially why we do what we do. As I communicate with other healers who have their own practice or business, they too are noticing the same dangerous trend. If you are a newbie to the spiritual path or are on it and feeling defeated, here are my 5 tips on what to look for when connecting with someone 'spiritual.'

1) If a healer, intuitive, medium, etc makes you feel less than or worse than you did before you met them, pivot and keep going. 

2) If you are not provided integration tips that you can do to assist you on your journey once you leave your appointment with them, ask. If they can't provide any or charge you more for this, reconsider how you want to move forward. 

3) If a healer claims they are the reason for your healing or you can't heal unless to complete their course, simply decline. 

4) Ask the healer what their story is or look on their website. How did they end up where they are at now? Watch their non-verbals and listen carefully to their answer. If they get defensive or ask why, you know what to do. You deserve to know who you are allowing into your space. 

5) You are your own healer. Professionals, healers, intuitive's, coaches and more are simply an addition to your path. They are meant to help, assist, and be along side of you, reflecting back your potential/light. If you feel the relationship isn't balance, it is okay to say no more. 

These tips serve as reminders for all of us. We often times get so defeated we are desperate for someone to listen and guide us. While this human nature to do, we tend to forget we do have a say in our journey. Remember to see your worth as you journey on.


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5 Tips when working with healers

Sep 25, 2023

5 Tips when working with healers

Sep 25, 2023