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Booked your first session with Jess, now what?

booking first appointment guided movement meditation how to prepare? medicine medicine woman now what? power of guided movement meditation Jul 02, 2023
Seaworth Wholeness Sancutary
Booked your first session with Jess, now what?

CONGRATS! I am are glad you are here. 

We will begin by stating, this practice has called out to you. This type of work is not for the weak. Medicine has no understanding of time. It simply is. It crossed your path at the exact time it was meant to. 

The Guided Movement Meditation practice does not focus on one specific audience. The intention is this, allowing you to come back home to yourself. Note: this looks and feels different for everyone. Not one session or class is ever the same. 

If you are feeling nervous before arriving at your appointment, good. This shows me ‘'stuff’ that is ready to be released, held or loved is stirring up within you to get ready for your session. 

Sessions do not ignite physical pain or emotional discomfort. Clients are encouraged to speak up and pause if needed. As a medicine woman, it is my role to meet you exactly where you are and not put an expectation on how you are meant to ‘heal.’ 

Days before your appointment you will begin to feel a shift within and around you. You are encouraged to check in daily with your mind, body, heart and spirit to get a grasp on what is happening in your current reality. This helps me understand how to share the medicine. 

I am guided hours before, during and after your session with how to show up for you. Note: I do not question Spirit’s guidance or make it fit into what I think it should be. Messages, validations, and guidance are meant for you, not for me to hold onto. Notes will be taken and sent via email a week after your session. 

The PDF file will include integration steps to further assist this medicine landing fully within your mind, body, heart and spirit. The hardest part is showing up. 

The question I will end with is this, when was the last time you showed up for yourself, fully? 

Thank you for trusting me to share this medicine with you. I'll see you soon. 

Journey on,


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